Camouflage Rain Jacket
Camouflage Rain Jacket
Camouflage Rain Jacket

Camouflage Rain Jacket

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Going on a walk and the heavens open!! Oh No, I hear you say...... Don't worry as this gorgeous Puchi Pac-a-mac in Camouflage will protect your dog from those quick showers.  Available in 8 sizes from the tiny dog to the Large breed! 

The ingenious Mac folds up into its own backpocket.


Chest: 14''-(355mm)
Length: 9.5''(241mm)

Breed Guidelines: Chuhahua


Chest: 17''(434mm)
Length: 11''(280mm)

Breed Guidelines: Bichon


Chest: 19.5''(495mm)
Length: 14''(355mm)

Breed Guidelines: Westie

X Large

Chest: 21.5''(546mm)
Length: 16.5''(419mm)


Breed Guidelines: Springer

XX Large

Chest: 28''(711mm)
Length: 19''(482mm)

Breed Guidelines: Staffy

Big Dog

Chest: 28''-30"
Length: 20''

Breed Guidelines: Boxer

Big Dog 2

Chest: 29''-31"(736mm-787mm)
Length: 22''(560mm)

Breed Guidelines: Labrador

Big Dog 3

Chest: 30''-35"(762mm-787mm)
Length: 25''(635mm)

Breed Guidelines: Great