Dog Rain Jacket Pac-a-Mac
Dog Rain Jacket Pac-a-Mac

Dog Rain Jacket Pac-a-Mac

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Baby Pink Pac-a-Mac rain jacket for those gorgeous walks with your favourite dog.  Are you the best dog owner or what.  Great jacket for those quick showers while out.  Will fit even the biggest dogs (Well depends if its an eater).

See Size Guide:


Chest: 14''-(355mm)
Length: 9.5''(241mm)

Breed Guidelines: Chuhahua


Chest: 17''(434mm)
Length: 11''(280mm)

Breed Guidelines: Bichon


Chest: 19.5''(495mm)
Length: 14''(355mm)

Breed Guidelines: Westie

X Large

Chest: 21.5''(546mm)
Length: 16.5''(419mm)


Breed Guidelines: Springer

XX Large

Chest: 28''(711mm)
Length: 19''(482mm)

Breed Guidelines: Staffy


Chest: 28''-30"
Length: 20''

Breed Guidelines: Boxer

Superdog 1

Chest: 29''-31"(736mm-787mm)
Length: 22''(560mm)

Breed Guidelines: Labrador

Superdog 2

Chest: 30''-35"(762mm-787mm)
Length: 25''(635mm)

Breed Guidelines: Great